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National Spectrum Strategy

Developing a National Spectrum Strategy

Sufficient access to the radio spectrum is critical for national security, public safety, competitive next-generation communications, and scientific discovery. Spectrum access enables advances in U.S. innovation, connectivity, and competition benefiting all Americans. Access to spectrum must be managed responsibly and efficiently to achieve key economic, social, and national security goals. 

To ensure Americans have sufficient access to spectrum resources, the Secretary of Commerce has called for the development and implementation of a comprehensive National Spectrum Strategy (NSS) for the United States. This strategy will represent a government-wide approach to maximizing the potential of our nation’s spectrum resources. 
NTIA is leading the development of the NSS and implementation plan in collaboration with the Federal Communications Commission, and in coordination with other Executive Branch agencies. 

Interested in discussing the National Spectrum Strategy? Let's Connect

Anyone wanting to meet with NTIA on issues pertaining to the National Spectrum Strategy can request a meeting by sending an email to nssmeetings@ntia.govPlease provide your name, your organization’s name (if applicable), potential dates and times for the requested meeting, and a short description of the matter(s) you would like to discuss. 

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Listening Session: March 30

March 30, 2023
NTIA is developing a National Spectrum Strategy (NSS) and implementation plan for the United States. To gain input and perspectives from the public regarding this plan, NTIA is holding two listening sessions for stakeholders to provide oral presentations and recommendations to NTIA as it works to develop the NSS. To learn more about upcoming listening sessions, please visit the National Spectrum Strategy Listening Session page. 

National Spectrum Strategy Listening Session

March 21, 2023

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) will hold two public listening sessions to assist in its preparation of a National Spectrum Strategy (NSS) for the United States. NTIA is seeking input from the public as it develops a Strategy that identifies the actions needed to maximize the potential of our nation’s spectrum resources. Access to spectrum contributes to technological innovation and economic growth and is critical to national security, public safety, and other national priorities.

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