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Relationships Between Measured Power and Measurement Bandwidth for Frequency-Modulated (Chirped) Pulses

Report ID
NTIA Technical Report TR-12-488
August 01, 2012

Abstract: Measured power levels for radio frequency (RF) pulses that are frequency modulated (chirped) vary as a function of the bandwidth in which the measurement is performed; if chirped pulses cause RF interference, the power levels of the pulses in victim receivers will likewise vary as a function of receiver bandwidth. This report provides both heuristic and rigorous derivations of the relationships among chirped pulse parameters and the measured peak and average power levels of chirped pulses as a function of measurement bandwidth. These relationships may be best understood via a single graph (Figure 3) presented in this report. This report supplements NTIA Technical Reports TR-05-420, TR-10-465 and TR-10-466, in which the formula for minimum bandwidth needed for measurement of full peak power in chirped pulses is presented but not derived.

Keywords: chirped pulses; electromagnetic compatibility; frequency-modulated (FM) pulses; pulse power measurements; radar power measurement; radar spectrum measurement; radio frequency (RF) interference; radio frequency (RF) measurement

The full report is available at