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UHF Radio Propagation Data for Low Antenna Heights: Volume I

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ESSA Technical Report ERL 134-ITS 93-1
November 01, 1969
L. G. Hause, F. G. Kimmett, J. M. Harman

This report is a presentation in two volumes of measurement techniques, data, comparisons, and conclusions obtained from a UHF propagation measurement program at 230 and 415.9 MHz. Antenna heights were 3 m or less above ground. Vertical polarization was used, and the antennas were omnidirectional in the horizontal plane. The terrain was generally rocky, hilly, and relatively free of trees. Path lengths varied from 2 to 45 km. Volume 1 describes the equipment, techniques, and results and presents data from the Wyoming area, including some buried antenna tests. Volume II presents data obtained in Idaho and Washington.