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Assistant Secretary Strickling Issues Statement on Intuit’s Support of Draft Privacy Code of Conduct

February 21, 2013

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WASHINGTON  –  Intuit today announced that the company supports the draft code of conduct being developed in the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s privacy multistakeholder process, and that the company plans to adopt the code. The code, when finalized and adopted,  will improve disclosures regarding mobile applications' privacy practicesIn addition, other key stakeholders voiced general support for the direction the code is taking.

“This commitment from a key stakeholder is a major milestone for NTIA's privacy multistakeholder process; however, there is more work to be done,” said Lawrence E. Strickling, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information and Administrator of NTIA. “Intuit's announcement signals that the multistakeholder approach is making real progress; we encourage stakeholders to move swiftly to finalize and adopt a code of conduct that will improve privacy disclosures on mobile devices.  Genuine disagreements remain among stakeholders on a few issues, and NTIA anticipates that as compromises are reached, more stakeholders will commit to adopting the code.”