AAW       Anti-Air Warfare
AFSCN     Air Force Satellite Control Network
ARRL      American Radio Relay League
ACE       Army Corps of Engineers
ACMI      Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation
ACMR      Air Combat Maneuvering Range
ACT       Air Combat Training
ACTS      Air Combat Training Systems
ADS       Automatic Dependent Surveillance
AF SATCOM Air Force Satellite Communications System
AFB       Air Force Base
AMRAAM    Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
AMSAT     Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
AMSC      American Mobile Satellite Corporation
APCO      Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International, Inc.
API       American Petroleum Institute
ARIA      Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft
ARSR      Air Route Surveillance Radar
ASD(C3I)  Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
ASDE      Airport Surface Detection Equipment
ATC       Air Traffic Control
ATN       Amateur Television Network
ATV       Amateur Television
AVI       Automatic Vehicle Identification
AVM       Automatic Vehicle Monitoring
BAS       Broadcast Auxiliary Service
CAMS      Core Automated Maintenance System
CIRIS     Completely Integrated Reference Instrumentation System
CDA       Command and Data Acquisition
CDMA      Code Division Multiple Access
COMSAT    Communications Satellite Corporation
COPE      Coalition of Private Users of Emerging Multimedia Technologies
CSC       Computer Sciences Corporation
CSCI      Commercial Satellite Communications Initiative
CWS       COMSAT World Systems
DEA       Drug Enforcement Administration
DES       Digital Encryption System
DGPS      Differential GPS
DMC       Digital Microwave Corporation
DME       Distance Measuring Equipment
DMSP      Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
DOD       Department of Defense
DOE       Department of Energy
DOI       Department of Interior
DOJ       Department of Justice
DOT       Department of Transportation
DSN       Deep Space Network
ECM       Electronic Countermeasures
ELV       Expendable Launch Vehicle
EM        Electromagnetic
EME       Earth-Moon-Earth 
EMI       Electromagnetic Interference
ETSI      European Telecomminication Standards Institute
ETTM      Electronic Toll and Traffic Management
EVRP      Encrypted Voice Radio Program
FAA       Federal Aviation Administration
FAR       Federal Acquisition Regulations
FBI       Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCC       Federal Communications Commission
FDD       Frequency Division Duplex
FDOT      Florida Department of Transportation
FEMA      Federal Emergency Management Agency
FIRMR     Federal Information Resource Management Regulation
FLEWUG    Federal Law Enforcement Wireless Users Group
FPA       Federal Power Agency
FPLMTS    Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications System
FRP       Federal Radionavigation Plan
FSK       Frequency Shift Keying
FSS       Fixed-Satellite Service
FWPC      Federal Wireless Policy Committee
FWRO      Federal Wireless Review Office
FWUF      Federal Wireless Users Forum
GES       Ground Earth Station
GHz       Gigahertz
GMF       Government Master File
GOES      Geosynchronous Operational Environmental Satellite
GPS       Global Positioning System
GSO       Geosynchronous Orbit
GVLS      Global Verification and Location System
HIPERLAN  High Performance Local Area Network
HVTCS     Vega-Hurley Target Control System
HySTP     Hypersonic System Technology Program
ICAO      International Civil Aviation Organization
IEEE      Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
INS       Immigration and Naturalization Service
INTELSAT  International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
IRAC      Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee
ISM       Industrial, Scientific, and Medical
ITA       Industrial Telecommunication Association
ITCS      Integrated Target Control System
ITS       Intelligent Transportation System (formerly IVHS)
ITU       International Telecommunication Union
ITU-R     International Telecommunication Union - Radiocommunication Sector
ITFS      Instructional Television Fixed Service
IVHS      Intelligent Vehicle Highway System 
JPL       Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JSS       Joint Surveillance System
LAN       Local Area Network
LEO       Low Earth Orbiting
LQP       Loral Qualcomm Partnership
LMST      Light-Weight Multi-Band Satellite Terminal     
MAT       Mobile Aeronautical Telemetry
MDS       Multipoint Distribution Service
Metaid    Meteorological Aids
METSAT    Meteorological Satellite
MHz       Megahertz
MLS       Microwave Landing System
MMDS      Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service
MSE       Mobile Subscriber Equipment
MSS       Mobile-Satellite Service
MTA       Maine Turnpike Authority
NABER     National Association of Business and Educational Radio
NASA      National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NATO      North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAIC      National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center
NAVS      Non-cooperative Airborne Vector Scorer
NCS       National Communications System
NDS       Nuclear Detonation System
NEST      Nuclear Emergency Search Team
NEXRAD    Next Generation Weather Radar
NGSO      Non-Geosychronous-Orbit              
NGTCS     Next Generation Target Control System
NII       National Information Infrastructure
NOAA      National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOI       Notice of Inquiry
NPRM      Notice of Proposed Rule Making
NRC       National Research Council
NS/EP     National Security/Emergency Preparedness
NSF       National Science Foundation
NSSMS     NATO SEASPARROW Surface Missile System
NTIA      National Telecommunications and Information Administration
NWS       National Weather Service
OTH       Over-the-Horizon
PCIA      Personal Communications Industry Association
PCS       Personal Communications Service
PDT       Proliferation Detection Technology
POFS      Private Operational Fixed Service
PSTN      Public Switched Telephone Network
R&D       Research and Development
RAJPO     Range Joint Program Office
RDAVS     Recovered Doppler Airborne Vectoring Scoring System
RFI       Radio Frequency Interference
RPV       Remotely Piloted Vehicle
SATCOM    Satellite Communications
SBC       Southwestern Bell Corporation
SBMS      San Bernardino Microwave Society
SCRRBA    Southern California Repeater and Remote Base Association
SGLS      Space-Groundlink Subsystem
SPS       Spectrum Planning Subcommittee
SPAC      Spectrum Planning and Advisory Committee
TACTS     Tactical Air Crew Combat Training System
TARS      Tethered Aerostat Radar System
TAS       Target Acquistion System
TDD       Time Division Duplex
TDWR      Terminal Doppler Weather Radar
TIA       Telecommunications Industry Association
TOSS      Television Ordnance Scoring System
TRITAC    Tri-Service Tactical Communications
TSPI      Time, Space and Position Information
TT&C      Tracking, Telemetry, and Command
UHF       Ultra High Frequency
US&P      United States and Possessions
USAF      United States Air Force
USCG      United States Coast Guard
USDA      United States Department of Agriculture
UT        Universal Time
UTC       Utilities Telecommunications Council
VHF       Very High Frequency
VSAT      Very-Small Aperture Terminal
VTS       Vessel Traffic System
WAPA      Western Area Power Administration
WARC      World Administrative Radio Conference
WCDL      Weapon Control Data Link
WMC       Western Multiplex Corporation 
WRC       World Radio Conference

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