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NTIA Redl Letter to Chairman Pai in GN Dkt No. 14-177 and AU Dkt No. 19-59

Docket Number: 
AU Docket No. 19-59
April 11, 2019

This letter: (1) clarifies the coordination process under which the Department of Defense (DOD) will coordinate operations outside of the coordination zones for the Upper 37 GHz band; (2) addresses recent ex parte filings on DOD coordination and auction timing issues for the Upper 37 GHz band in light of the proposed restrictions that could be imposed on co-primary federal services in the band; and (3) supports the Commission’s further deferral of the resolution of issues concerning the terrestrial use of the Lower 37 GHz band and the 50.4-52.6 GHz band, but cautions against inadvertently and prematurely prejudging the outcome of ongoing international studies and discussions on how to adequately protect critical passive services in the adjacent 50.2-50.4 GHz and 52.6-54.25 GHz bands.