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NTIA Request on Information and Certification from Applicants and Petitioners for Certain International Licenses and Other Authorizations

May 13, 2016

NTIA requests that the FCC require that applicants and petitioners seeking international section 214 authorizations (and transfers thereof), section 31 0 rulings, submarine cable landing licenses, and satellite earth station authorizations:

  1. provide certain information pertaining to ownership, network operations, and related matters as part of the applications; and
  2. certify that they will comply with applicable law enforcement assistance requirements and respond truthfully and accurately to lawful requests for information and/or legal process.

These steps will improve the ability of the Executive Branch to expeditiously and efficiently review and respond to the applications, in particular with regard to identifying and assessing applications that raise national security or law enforcement concerns. The proposed certification may, in many cases, obviate the need for any national security or law enforcement conditions on the grant of the license or authorization, and therefore should facilitate an expeditious response to the Commission on specific applications.